Strategies are our talent –
Synergies our strength

in//touch is a Berlin-based full-service provider which is revolutionising product sales in the healthcare sector.

Stable partnerships. Long-term, trust-based relationships. The best infrastructures. in//touch offers pharmaceutical sales platforms which are as innovative as they are efficient. Our multi-channel selling concept offers the opportunity to talk to doctors and patients on several channels: from in-house appointments through the traditional telephone call to the use of mobile apps. At the highest quality standards, of course.

As a member of the good healthcare group, we develop hand-crafted, comprehensive sales models – and know how these can best be implemented. We are therefore part of a unique network, and can utilise synergy effects: innovative, independent companies in the healthcare sector work under one umbrella, and can advise and support one another in the areas of consulting, pharmaceutical sales and patient support via the shortest routes.

Our strategy planning starts with a targeted analysis of the existing situation and technology resources of our client:

Where can processes be designed more effectively?

Are existing external communications appropriate for the product and target group?

Where can performance parameters be optimised?

We identify gaps and potential – and develop an even better sales concept for you. Our goals: the well-being of the patient, the greatest possible therapeutic effects and therefore the success of your product.