Dr. Anno Diekmann

General Manager

Revolutions are changes to established patterns.
Anno Diekmann emphasises new ways of thinking in pharmaceutical sales. Doctors and patients have such varying concerns and daily routines that purely traditional solutions are inadequate for achieving effective sales and treatment successes today.

Only through a clever combination of sales reps in the field and office services – the cumulative competency of working in tandem – can quality and comprehensive know-how be guaranteed. A prerequisite for this is the smoothly operating internal company infrastructure of in//touch.

What could be better for a post-doc scientist than optimising operational procedures? Anno Diekmann formed the good healthcare group, an association of innovative companies in the healthcare sector. As General Manager of +49 med and in//touch, he is building on a network which raises pharmaceutical sales to a new level.

Integrating sales on various channels into customers’ daily lives is a revolution. Care will improve, treatments will be more successful.


Professional background

since 2015 good healthcare group

General Manager
Establishing and setting up the good healthcare group as an intercompany platform, designing the strategy for growth

since 2013 in//touch

General Manager
Developing solutions for technical integration and the internal company infrastructure to ensure
data protection

since 2012 +49 med

General Manager
Monitoring needs, establishing and setting up the office near Berlin’s central station

2009 – 2012 First Snow GmbH

Managing Director
Supervising venture capital investments in the area of energy production and renewable energy

2002 – 2009 adm group: Agentur für Dialogmarketing GmbH

Setting up and supporting top clients


2009 – 2014 Humboldt Universität zu Berlin

Doctoral student
Qualification: Doctor of Economics

2002 – 2009 Humboldt Universität zu Berlin

Student of Economics
Qualification: Degree in Business Administration


German, English, Spanish