Our values

What makes us different

Responsibility, integrity and competence: these are the guiding principles that exemplify our actions and attitude as a healthcare service provider – we provide extraordinary service with a human touch.

Our standards


Our company philosophy ensures responsible behaviour at all levels. These include:

…strict adherence to local, national and international legislation, as well as the resulting guarantee of maximum stability and trustworthiness.

…the greatest possible degree of openness regarding our workflow and maximum transparency towards customers and business partners.

…our incorruptibility and the guarantee that corrupt behavior will not be tolerated.

Success through quality

The good healthcare group focuses on quality in all areas. These include:

…annual quality reviews against objective criteria, and the associated certification under the DIN ISO 9001 standard.

…the superb quality of our services and our creative and innovative solution strategies.

…our cooperation with reliable business partners, as part of which the good healthcare group comprehensively reviews both the integrity of the partners and the quality of the products sold.

Guiding principles

All directors and employees – whether permanent or temporary – undertake to recognize these values together with all relevant guidelines, laws and directives, as well as both national and international regulations.

Social responsibility

The good healthcare group focuses on sustainable success and guarantee:

…fair play when competing with other firms, a high degree of engagement and plenty of social and professional competence.

…that our services will benefit clients for the long term, and that our employees will enjoy the greatest possible job security.

…environmentally conscious working methods and the use of materials that save on resources.

Working environment

We guarantee respectful treatment for all its employees, business partners and customers. We stand for respectful treatment. Among other things::

…individual guidance and support for our employees – provided by superb managers – in order to ensure strong cohesion and high levels of performance within our teams.

…dynamic and tolerant employee hierarchies, in order to create a working environment that leaves no room for bullying.

…the rejection of all forms of discrimination as an employer.


We works with cutting-edge technologies in order to meet the highest standards. This includes::

…annual independent audits of our information security management system and associated certification to DIN EN ISO 27001:2013.

…the use of up-to-date software to efficiently organise work within the company and minimize the likelihood of faults.

…the highest possible degree of protection for sensitive data by means of comprehensive structural, personal and technical security arrangements.

Here’s to a positive partnership!

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