Achieving your outstanding market position together


Our highly qualified consultants have years of expertise in the development and implementation of tailored distribution strategies for pharmaceutical companies.
Comprehensive analysis first, strategy next: By experience, our consultants know the “pain points” of customers and can ask the key questions.
As distribution experts they develop fact-based and enticing omni-media concepts which enable the customer to create coordinated approaches for doctors, pharmacists, medical experts and patients at any time and with an eye on potential.

Digital Experts

Digital distribution is their thing. Our technology professionals build digital infrastructures in order to build and consolidate relationships with target groups via digital channels.
They are experts in the creation of customised CRM systems and the integration of wide-ranging interfaces to record the “digital” footprint and preferences of a respective target group.


We are firmly convinced that doctors in the future will be more self-determining and autonomous in their dealings with pharmaceutical companies than at present. They want to decide when, where, via what channel and on what subjects they want information.
Not adapting to this foreseeable behaviour of health professionals will spell the end for many pharmaceutical companies. Now is the time therefore to set up forward-looking distribution solutions in order to expand market position in the future.
We offer our customers the doctor’s visit of the future right now with room49 and we are committed to developing added value for this application as an omni-media experience.

Technical Consultants

Our technical consultants offer both advice and highly innovative technical expertise e.g. in the areas of market automation or omni-channel control. They create the firm foundation for a high-performance distribution strategy.
They bring expertise and experience from both the healthcare industry and from technological disciplines. They can evaluate existing systems and databases and they can identify opportunities for expansion.

Project Managers

Developing strategies is the goal. We believe in what we develop! Our consultants are also therefore experienced project managers. Successfully initiating, planning, controlling and further developing customer projects are core competences for our consultants.

Our services

Sustainable sales strategies.
Market leaders in Omni-Channel dialogue.
Experts in data intelligence.

We believe in self-determinded & superior contacts with physicians

which are based on the individual Information interests, which consider individual channel preferences, which take dialogue and response into consideration, which integrate the sales force ans which respect potential and sales volume.

Wolfgang Höfers
General Manager
Thomas-Marco Steinle
General Manager